The Linda and Kenneth Cohen Family Fund ›


Est. 2019 by Linda and Kenneth Cohen

Palitz Family Fund ›


Est. 2019 by Pam and Albert Palitz

Youth Impact Charitable Fund ›


Est. 2020 by The Verge Awards for Teens on the Verge of Greatness!

Students Supported by Hillhouse Alum ›


Between 2010 and 2019, more than 70 Hillhouse students received a Pergament scholarship thanks to Dr. Pergament’s gift of $1 million.

The Nina R. Horowitz and Richard A. Sussman Family Fund ›


Est. 2019 by Nina R. Horowitz and Richard A. Sussman as a preference fund to support health, early-child education and families

The Jane Steidley Shaw Fund ›


Est. 2009 by Jane A. Shaw

Richard A. Ehrenkranz Memorial Fund ›


Est. 2019 by Susan, Jeff and Peter Ehrenkranz

Evie's Fund for ’r kids Family Center ›


Est. 2019 in honor of Randi Rubin Rodriguez's mother as a long-term endowment to support 'r kids Family Center.

Growing Food and Community ›


Est in 2017, the Massaro Community Farm Fund was established as an organization fund with The Community Foundation's partner in philanthropy, the Valley Community Foundation (VCF). Not only is Massaro Community Farm a place to find a wide variety of locally-grown produce — it is also a treasured community anchor.

Frank Lobo Memorial Fund ›


Est. 2019 to benefit the Farm-Based Wellness Program at New Haven Farms

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