BlackNHV Fund ›

"I want those who have had success in the city, to support the fund to help those who just need a little bit more help": BlackNHV Fund est. 2017 by Ratasha Smith.

Island Preserved for Future Generations ›

Elizabeth Hird created the Outer Island Education and Research Fund in 2003 to ensure protection of the island's natural resources and to enable continued access to the island for educational and research activities.

Dr. Leon Bailey Jr. Fund ›

"My donor advised fund lets me invest in the people and place where I live." Dr. Leon Bailey Jr. Fund, est. 2017 by Dr. Leon Bailey Jr.

Salute to Fellow Nonagenarians: Ruth and Charles Grannick ›

In 2018, The Foundation celebrated its 90th anniversary. We were honored to be in the company of these amazing 90(plus)-year-old donors: Ruth and Charles Grannick.

The Bornstein Collection of Funds ›

One Generous Couple. Thirteen New Funds.

Ernest R. & Janet B. DelMonico Family Fund ›

Est. 2017 by Ernest and Janet DelMonico.

Washington Walker Family Fund ›

In 2017, Jolyn Walker decided to take her annual giving activity a step further by establishing the Washington Walker Family Fund to support local organizations that she and her late husband, Judge, cared about. Her donor advised fund is named, in part, for her father, who taught his children about being community-minded.

Weston-Murphy Family Fund ›

"This is our way of responding": The Weston-Murphy Family Fund est. 2017 by Dorothy and Glenn Weston-Murphy.

Helen W. Jones Fund ›

Helen established a donor advised fund to honor her father Daniel and remained active in making grants from that fund until her death at age 95, when the fund became a designated fund to help the homeless. Helen established a second fund through her estate to meet housing, food, medical and social needs in our community.

Canning Bellemore Fund ›

Est. 2018 by Denise and Ted Canning

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