Mario Correa Memorial Fund ›

Est. 2020 by Juan Sargeant and Joseph Wilson.

Beverly Hilton Kimbro Fund ›

Est. 2007 by Warren Kimbro.

Sharon M. Clemons "Butterflies" Fund ›

Est. 2020 by Erik Clemons.

The Goldstein Fellowship Fund ›

Est. 2001 by The Goldstein Fellowship Committee.

Griswold LifeTales Fund ›

Est. 2001 by Lesley Mills.

A Church’s Closed Doors Open Windows for Social Justice, Human & Civil Rights in New Haven ›

Sale of New Haven’s Church of the Redeemer Property Starts New Fund at The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven

Victor I. Moraru Memorial Fund ›

Est. 2020 by Ioana Barac and Dr. Ion I. Moraru.

The Phyllis Z. Seton Fund ›

Est 2015 by Charles and Diana Seton Wakerley.

The Dr. Miriam C. Birdwhistell Fund ›

Est. 2015 by Nan Birdwhistell

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