Mission Investments

The Community Foundation Mission Investments Company (TCFMIC) provides capital and assistance to entrepreneurs and businesses for the purpose of building generational wealth for families, neighborhoods and communities.

TCFMIC is a subsidiary of The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven Credit: Contributed

Investing in Opportunity and Equity

Who We Are

TCFMIC invests in the in the people, ideas and businesses of Greater New Haven for a "triple bottom line."

  1. For entrepreneurs and their families - access to capital and resources stimulates economic empowerment and wealth creation.
  2. For future businesses - returns on investments to TCFMIC are redeployed to seed new ideas and fund the growth of successful ventures.
  3. For the Greater New Haven region - expanded opportunity and equity, and greater community wealth.

Investing in Entrepreneurs

New Haven Equitable Entrepreneurial Ecosystem (NHE3)

The NHE3 is a strategy of TCFMIC that offers grants and technical support services to local small businesses. Entrepreneurs and small business owners are encouraged to apply through the NHE3 web portal e3connector.com.

Equity Investments and Financing

TCFMIC invests in smaller, existing and new/early stage for-profit business ventures in a variety of forms, including equity, debt, loan guarantees and other flexible market instruments.

Nonprofit organizations can apply for flexible loans available through a loan pool.

How Can We Help?

A.F. Drew Alden
President & CEO
The Community Foundation Mission Investments Company

Arthur W. Thomas III
Director of Mission Investing and Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

Joseph W. Williams Jr.
Managing Director
The Community Foundation Mission Investments Company