Neighborhood Leadership

Neighborhood Leaders

Graduates of the Neighborhood Leadership Program are building relationships and strengthening the community.

Neighborhood Leader - Kathy Riegelmann ›


“When you’re physically strong, you’re mentally and emotionally strong. Being a strong female, you just feel so empowered.”

Neighborhood Leader - Alice Kosowsky ›


“I have always been an outsider, individualistic expert type. The program helped me develop skills that I had never developed before - talking to people and learning how to lead from behind.”

Neighborhood Leader - Gustavo Requena Santos ›


“To me, nature always was a place to be curious.”

Neighborhood Leader - IfeMichelle Gardin ›


“Through stories, literature, books, theater and music, we can learn more about each other and ourselves and put down misconceptions of other people.”

Neighborhood Leader - Veronica Alston ›


“My mission is to engage and encourage and empower teen moms and to help improve the quality of life for themselves and their small children.”

Neighborhood Leader - Jacquelyn Pheanious ›


"The Neighborhood Leadership Program helped me build a level of trust with my neighbors."

Neighborhood Leader - Nadine Nelson ›


"Now we all have a network as we continue to do our projects. That is really inspirational."

Neighborhood Leadership: Building Relationships Yields Inspired Projects ›


Twenty-five years of developing neighborhood leaders has resulted in many community-inspired projects.

Building A Stronger Community, One Resident at a Time ›


The Chatham Square Neighborhood Association celebrates ten years of growing a welcoming community.

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