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New Haven Equitable Entrepreneurship Ecosystem (NHE3)

NHE3 is facilitating the growth of entrepreneurial pathways to economic independence and generational wealth.

North Green Sunrise, New Haven Credit: Chris Randall

Entrepreneurship has the power to transform lives, build individual and community wealth, and catalyze positive change. New Haven is at an important inflection point; by boosting entrepreneurship and small business growth within under-connected communities, the community has the potential to undo structural inequities and remove the barriers to job creation.

What is the NHE3?

The New Haven Equitable Entrepreneurial Ecosystem (NHE3) was conceived by The Community Foundation (TCF) to build an equitable entrepreneurial ecosystem designed for historically marginalized entrepreneurs, such as those who identify as Black, Latinx, and women, in order to:

  • Build individual and family wealth through financial independence.
  • Create community wealth and community power.
  • Build generational wealth.
  • Support structural change and remove barriers of structural racism.
  • Create jobs and economic sustainability.

The Community Foundation Mission Investments Company TCF-MIC works with local entrepreneurial support organizations (ESOs) and small business owners to support a full continuum of grants, business advisory, and technical services in Greater New Haven.

Are you a small business owner or entrepreneur in Greater New Haven looking for resources to launch or grow your business?

Capacity, connectivity and capital

The ESO Network

A network of trusted and culturally competent entrepreneurial support organizations (ESOs) forms the service-delivery backbone of the NHE3.

The ESOs connect entrepreneurs and small businesses to capital, capacity building resources and technical assistance. Collectively, they provide a full continuum of business advisory and support services including webinars, workshops, education and training (organized as classes or ESO cohorts), mentoring and access to business financing.

What is entrepreneurial ecosystem building?

The ecosystem building work of NHE3 is part of a national movement that sees an energized culture of entrepreneurship as a sustainable way to revitalize communities and neighborhoods that have suffered from disinvestment. Below is an introduction to the concept of ecosystem building presented by The Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, followed by a playbook for anyone interested in this emerging field.

Partner Organization


New Haven Innovation Collaborative is an organization of entrepreneurs, researchers, and community builders focused on promoting, connecting, and enabling the ideas and talents that fuel the future of New Haven’s diverse innovation sectors, in life sciences, digital technology, and creative and cultural economies.

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