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Celebrating Latine Leaders

Inspired by HBO's "The Latino List," Celebrating Latine Leaders brings you up-close and personal interviews with Latine leaders serving Greater New Haven and Connecticut.

Joe Rodriguez, State Deputy Director for Sen. Richard Blumenthal Credit: Contributed

Leading From Where You Are

The Progreso Latino Fund (PLF) is pleased to present the series: Celebrating Latine Leaders. While the individuals profiled represent a diverse group of men and women from many countries, professions and age groups, each is united by his or her commitment to social change through giving back and creating opportunities for others. PLF seeks to expand the definition of leadership to promote the leadership and advancement of Latines.

We hope you are inspired by the profiles below of Latine leaders in our community.

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Celebrating Latine Leaders: Joe Rodriguez ›


"I firmly believe that we all have a role."

Celebrating Latine Leaders: Jacob Padrón ›


"New Haven is a glorious city full of different communities, full of different experiences, is incredibly diverse, and I want the stages at Long Wharf Theatre to reflect that diversity."

Celebrating Latine Leaders: Gabriela Garcia Perez ›


"We are in a time where divisiveness is very prevalent and I think the reason why is that we are not having many interactions with each other from different cultures or socio-economic backgrounds."

Celebrating Latine Leaders: Domingo Medina ›


"I was happy to learn about the Progreso Latino Fund because I was able to see people … that are second, third or fourth generation Latinos that are leaders in their communities: they're in finance, they're in education, they're in health, they're making an impact..."

Celebrating Latino Leaders: Maria Elena Oliva ›


"I was fortunate to learn that there was such a thing as the Progreso Latino Fund because it highlights a population of people that sometimes do a lot of tireless work quietly and they are doing some really big things."

Celebrating Latino Leaders: Maritza Bond, MPH ›


"I know that I represent a lot of voices that otherwise cannot be heard. I consciously try my best to know that when I'm at the table that I have the influence to create positive change."

Celebrating Latino Leaders: Ingrid Canady ›


"I'm a strong believer of shared leadership; this is not about positional leadership, it's about individual leadership. If I, as a member of the community, get the information that they're providing, I connect, I network, I leave that session empowered knowing that I am part of a community group that is willing to engage in these conversations and support my growth."

Celebrating Latino Leaders: Martin Torresquintero ›


“Many people, particularly many in less privileged neighborhoods, thought that people like us don't go climbing, don't go skiing, don't go scuba diving. We need to find a way to convey the message that everybody can do this.”

Celebrating Latino Leaders: Mavi Sanchez-Skakle ›


"We are now doing civic engagement with our youth, showing them how to connect with their community and how to give back and all of this is because of the sport of tennis."

Celebrating Latino Leaders: Boni Candelario ›


Boni Candelario is on a mission to empower staff to take charge of their career, believe in their abilities and secure professional success.

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