Neighborhood Leadership

The Neighborhood Leadership program provides training, support and funding for projects that make a difference in your community.

Neighborhood leaders from previous cohorts in Edgerton Park, New Haven., 2018. Credit: Ian Christmann

Do you want to make a difference in your community?

Attention Community Leaders!

The Neighborhood Leadership Program is a networking, skill building and grant program for resident leaders of New Haven, West Haven, East Haven or Hamden. We are here to support you in your efforts to create a stronger community.

Neighborhood Leaders Making a Difference

Neighborhood Leadership Program: IfeMichelle Gardin ›

After years of enjoying the annual Harlem Book Fair and other similar events in New York City, neighborhood leader decided New Haven needed a literary festival of its own

Foundation Empowers Neighborhood Leaders to Make a Difference ›

The Neighborhood Leadership Program "helped me build a level of trust with my neighbors," says condo owner and program graduate Jacquelyn Pheanious, who organized neighbors to reactivate a dormant board.

Neighborhood Leadership: Building Relationships Yields Inspired Projects ›

Twenty-five years of developing neighborhood leaders has resulted in many community-inspired projects.

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