Neighborhood Leadership

The Neighborhood Leadership program provides training, support and funding for projects that make a difference in your community.

Neighborhood leaders from previous cohorts in Edgerton Park, New Haven., 2018. Credit: Ian Christmann

Returning in 2024

We are Taking a Pause

The Neighborhood Leadership Program is a networking, skill building and grant program for resident leaders of New Haven, West Haven, East Haven or Hamden. In 2023, the program is undergoing a year-long evaluation with the goal of strengthening the program for the future. Stay tuned for the program's relaunch in 2024!

Neighborhood Leaders Making a Difference

Neighborhood Leader - Kathy Riegelmann

“When you’re physically strong, you’re mentally and emotionally strong. Being a strong female, you just feel so empowered.”

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Neighborhood Leader - Alice Kosowsky

“I have always been an outsider, individualistic expert type. The program helped me develop skills that I had never developed before - talking to people and learning how to lead from behind.”

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Neighborhood Leader - Gustavo Requena Santos

“To me, nature always was a place to be curious.”

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