Assets You Can Use

The first step to establishing your donor advised fund is to complete an application. This can be done online, in person or through the mail. Establishing a DAF can start with a $10,000 tax-deductible gift.*

Your gifts may take any number of forms, including:

  • Cash and credit card gifts
  • Securities: publicly traded securities, mutual fund shares, restricted securities and closely-held or founders stock. Download our stock transfer instructions.
  • Property and Other Assets: Real estate, art, antiques, collectibles and other tangible personal property are accepted on a case-by-case basis. The Community Foundation’s knowledgeable team of philanthropic advisors can assist you with your preferred giving options.

* to meet the $10,000 minimum, contributions may be made over a period of time, typically 3-5 years per written agreement

Choose your Investment Option

You have the opportunity to invest in three different investment vehicles that provide you the flexibility to meet your charitable giving objectives.


With the Cash option, your donor advised fund is held in cash or cash equivalent to preserve capital without risk or appreciation, and is readily available for grantmaking at all times.

Intermediate Fund

The Intermediate Fund is a diversified portfolio of liquid assets to provide you the opportunity for some appreciation with moderate risk. Assets are readily available for grantmaking at all times.

Perpetual Fund

The Perpetual Fund seeks to preserve the real economic spending power of your donor advised fund over time. To meet this objective, only a percentage (%) of your fund's market value is available to recommend for grantmaking each year.

If you are looking to retain the services of your personal financial advisor, a customized program is available for funds of $100,000 or more.*

*An amount above the Spending Rule rate may be requested twice per year (by October 1st or March 31st) of up to 25% of fund’s then market value.

Decide If You Want A Successor Advisor

Identify the person(s) you want to advise your fund after you are no longer willing or able to recommend grants.

What are the Costs?

The work of The Community Foundation is supported, in part, by a fee assessed on the funds entrusted to its care. An annual fee, currently 1% of the value of your donor advised fund, is calculated on June 30th.

Investment management fees based on your selected investment options are also applied. The average of 0.75% is currently used for the Perpetual Fund option. All fees are deducted from the donor advised fund assets.

How Much Can Be Granted?

The minimum grant per organization is just $250, and you can support as many nonprofits as you’d like. If you are invested in the Cash or Intermediate Fund options, you may recommend that any portion or all of your DAF balance be gifted. If your DAF fund is invested using the Perpetual Fund option, the amount available for recommending grants is determined annually and shared with you through a secure online, fund advisor portal.

Are All My Favorite Nonprofits Eligible?

All nonprofits qualified as 501(c)(3) organizations under the IRS code and in good standing are eligible to receive grants from donor advised funds.

To find out the status of your favorite local nonprofits, visit®. Interested in the status of other nonprofits? Visit Guidestar

Will the Nonprofit Know the Gifts are from Me?

You may choose with each grant recommendation whether to be acknowledged or remain anonymous.

What Reports Will I Receive?

When you use a donor advised fund to carry out your charitable giving, all of your charitable activity is viewable online for review and analysis, year over year.

DAF Application

To get started, complete our online DAF application or download the application form and send it to us by mail or email.

Gift Instructions

Download our latest gift instructions for how to donate securities.

Giving Guidelines

Our comprehensive giving guidelines provide you with information you need to contemplate your philanthropy.

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