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Supporting Greater New Haven Nonprofits

Your Local Giving Platform

giveGreater.org® makes it easy to find, learn about and support nonprofits serving Greater New Haven. Nonprofit profiles provide key information to potential donors and support secure on-line donations anytime, day or night.

giveGreater® profiles support fundraising campaigns. and inform donors. Credit:

Knowledge Resource and Fundraising Tool

  • 400+ nonprofit profiles searchable by name, cause and geography.
  • Profiles include mission, programs, leadership, financial information and more.
  • Convenient giving through secure on-line transactions.
  • Donation matches, challenges and peer-to-peer fundraising maximize giving.
  • Volunteer recruitment

The Great Give

Each year, nonprofits listed on giveGreater.org® have the option to participate in The Great Give, a 36-hour, community-wide, online fundraising event. Matching and prize funds are made available from The Community Foundation, the Valley Community Foundation and other sponsorship partners. In 2023, The Great Give raised nearly $3.5 million for 500+ local nonprofits. See 2023 results.

The Great Give 2024 takes place May 1-2.

Are you a nonprofit serving Greater New Haven? Register for The Great Give and be part of the success!

Benefits for Nonprofits

A few reasons to list your nonprofit organization and keep your profile up to date on giveGreater.org:

No Cost

A giveGreater.org® profile is free. There is no cost to maintain a profile and no monthly fee for online giving access.

The Great Give

Nonprofits with a giveGreater.org® profile are eligible to participate in The Great Give.

Grant Applications

giveGreater.org® nonprofit organizations report using their profiles to apply for grant funding. Others use it as an outreach tool volunteer recruitment and for Board and staff orientation.

Customer Service

If you are a nonprofit and already have a profile, make sure it's up-to-date. If you are a donor and don't see a favorite local nonprofit listed on the site, or you are a nonprofit organization that would like to create a profile, please contact Stephanie Chung at The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven at 203-777-7077.

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Do you have questions about giveGreater.org or The Great Give? Contact Stephanie Chung.