Mario Correa Memorial Fund

Est. 2020 by Juan Sargeant and Joseph Wilson

Mario Correa
Mario Correa. Contributed photo from family.

Mario Correa was never without a smile. Father, mentor, and friend to all who knew him, Mario was widely known for his kindness and his willingness help anyone with anything. Whatever challenge came his way, Mario would say, “No matter what, we give a smile.”

Mario’s younger brother, Juan Sargeant, remembers Mario as one of the most supportive, kind and caring people in his life. Growing up, Mario cared for Juan. He taught Juan how to read and looked out for him in the neighborhood. He would stand up to bullies for Juan and taught Juan how to stand up for himself. Most importantly, Mario took the time to make sure that Juan knew he was loved.

A youthful Mario Correa. Contributed photo from family.

Mario served the same role for his own children, his large extended family and many others in the community. Dedicated and hardworking, he was a pillar in his community. Mario could fix anything and was always ready to lend a hand to someone in need. Mario had the ability to care about the needs of neighbors, and even strangers, as much as he did about the needs of his family.

In loving memory of Mario, Juan and his husband, Joe Wilson, established the Mario Correa Memorial Fund to help students address barriers in attaining a college degree, including ancillary expenses such as the costs for books, living expenses, transportation and other supports as needed.

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The Mario S. Correa Memorial Fund