Burgos Crespo Family Fund

Est. 2021 by Carmen M. Burgos

The Burgos
Parents Carmen L. Crespo and Jesus Burgos Sr. circa 1974

After working at The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven for over five years and seeing the positive impact Foundation funds have in the community, Carmen M. Burgos decided that it was time to start her own fund.

The Burgos Crespo Family Fund is dedicated to the memory of Carmen's parents and inspired by all the people who gave their support to help others amidst the coronavirus pandemic despite the uncertainty of the times and potential personal risk. Areas of interest to Burgos that may be supported by the Fund, and that she has supported in the past, include youth, homelessness and education.

"My contribution may be small but I know it will help others. I've seen first hand how many small gifts together add up to make a big impact in the community," says Burgos. This valuable lesson has been passed to her son, who will make grant recommendations from the fund when Burgos is no longer here.

"My hope is that this fund always serves as a connective thread in my family, and that it carries out a legacy of hope and helping others with compassion."

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Burgos Crespo Family Fund