gO fish, a Fund in Memory of Owen Osborne

Est. 2021 by Carly, Devin, Inge and Robert Osborne

Owen Osborne Courtesy of the Osborne family

Everyone who knew Alan Owen Bickel Osborne knew that he could be as passionate as he was stubborn, and his enthusiasm for people and for living life to the fullest was exceptional.

Our family established gO fish, a Fund in Memory of Owen Osborne to honor his memory and big heart centering on the idea that “everyone should get a second chance."

Reflective of his leaning towards all things natural, Owen embraced pursuing new interests and moved almost seasonally between them. He fulfilled drone certifications to explore more of the natural world from above, he pursued ski patrol work so he could be among the mountains, and he sought fishing captain’s work to be on the rivers, lakes and oceans.

“Owen’s interest in the world and realms beyond the confines of the standard inspired him to pursue and explore the natural world,” the Osborne family says. “He found peace and tranquility in fishing, or ever pushing to explore the next untouched area, and bringing others with him in his wonder, or through his photography.”

Owen found the greatest joy in the places where people could be freest and least encumbered, and he was only able to pause when the world struck him with awe. All of which he wouldn’t have been able to achieve without being given the chance.

“Owen would often bring others on his adventures with him,” the family says. “This fund is our way of trying to facilitate others to be able to complete their adventures, or meet their challenges, by allowing for a second chance or lifeline.”

Our hope is to grow the gO fish fund to the point that we are able to make a significant contribution to support Greater New Haven’s at-risk youth community. Our family --- Carly, Devin, Inge and Bob will use this fund to recommend grants:

  1. To help young people have ready access to the natural world, whether it’s to learn to fish, pursue interests in photography, or other passions inspired by the presence of nature.
  2. To help to improve the educational opportunities of at-risk students.
  3. To offer a second chance to young people struggling with addiction and mental health issues that lead to addiction.

The family truly appreciates your support. We will continue to request your help in the future as we remember Owen, his passion for fishing, photography, and his love of children. All gifts are tax-deductible.

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gO fish, a Fund in Memory of Owen Osborne