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By A.F. Drew Alden / February 07, 2019
Aware of both the volatility and tumult of the recent months, your community foundation remains committed to producing the required long-term performance for our community and, on behalf of our donors and our organization fund partners.
By Sharon Cappetta, CAP® / February 28, 2018
Learn more about bundling charitable gifts as a tax planning strategy in 2018.
By Dotty Weston-Murphy, CAP® / October 20, 2017

A look at three local philanthropists who used estate planning to support the good work of nonprofits in perpetuity

By / August 24, 2017
Foundation President Will Ginsberg reflects on Charlottesville, New Haven and the future of our community
By Howard K. Hill / August 02, 2017
Prosperity Foundation Board Member Howard Hill talks of building, re-building and healing through philanthropy
By Dotty Weston-Murphy, CAP® / April 24, 2017

Working with our donors is a privilege. One way we connect with them is through donor briefings during which we share what we know about our community - its issues and opportunities - and the people and institutions working to make it vibrant.

By / April 13, 2017

Against the backdrop of a dangerously divisive national mood, The Community Foundation's CEO calls for action, NOW MORE THAN EVER.

By Christina M. Ciociola / April 07, 2017

Why do significant racial and ethnic health disparities continue to persist although the population as a whole (all races) is improving on many indicators?

By A.F. Drew Alden / February 06, 2017

An investment management commentary for periods ended December 31, 2016

By / September 30, 2016
Boards of nonprofits face big decisions in hard economic times, especially as government looks to philanthropy to help meet the community's needs