Latine Charitable Funds

Join others in our Latine community who are giving back through a named charitable fund.

José Manuel Rojas
The José Manuel Rojas Memorial Fund was established by Cynthia Rojas in honor of her father.

Permanent named funds amplify your voice and your values as you provide charitable resources to the causes and organizations that matter most to you. A fund can also be a meaningful way to honor someone you love now and into the future. For our Latine community, Latine named funds are a source of strength and resilience for generations to come.

We celebrate the following Latine families who have taken the next step in giving back to our community by starting named funds.

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Latine Fund Stories

Ocasio Family Fund ›

Est. 2022 by Anaika and William Ocasio to give back to their neighborhood and the Latino community

Home First Fund ›

Est. 2023 Yvette Bello and Ilka Torres

An Aunt's Love Fund ›

Est. 2023 Camille Ansley

Alfalla Caro Family Fund ›

Est. 2023 Lisa and James Newfield

José Manuel Rojas Memorial Fund ›

Est. 2023 Cynthia Rojas

The Bond Family Fund ›

Est. 2023 Maritza Bond

La Buena Fortuna Fund ›

Est. 2023 Liana Garcia and Robert Piatkowski

Familia Ijeh Fund ›

Est. 2023 Yari and Richard C. Ijeh

Latina Theatre Fund ›

Est. 2023 Jacob Padrón

CompARTE Fund ›

Est. 2023 Erandi and Zachary Reiland

Taylor Mendez Family Fund ›

Est. 2023 Caprice Taylor Mendez

Santiago Martínez Family Fund ›

Est. 2022 by George Martínez and Raquel Santiago-Martínez

La Mariposa Fund ›

Est. 2023 Nancy Roldán Johnson and Craig Johnson

Padilla Family Aspirante Fund ›

Est. 2022 by Frances and John Padilla to support education, and economic mobility and reduce underemployment in the Latine community.

Muñiz Martínez Family Fund ›

Est. 2022 by Fernando J. Muñiz and Maribel Martínez

Siempre Pa'lante Fund ›

Est. 2022 by Tara Sanabria Davila & Malwin Davila

Burgos Crespo Family Fund ›

Est. 2021 by Carmen M. Burgos

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