An Aunt's Love Fund

Est. 2023 Camille Ansley

Derrick Djay Rodriguez

On January 28, we marked the solemn anniversary of the passing of my beloved nephew, Derrick Jade Rodriguez Jr. His departure has left an everlasting void in my heart, a void felt particularly keenly during the missed birthdays, Christmases, and countless other small moments we won't share.

In an effort to turn this perpetual ache into a source of inspiration and love, "An Aunt's Love Fund" scholarship was born. This initiative is a small yet significant reminder that, though I can't send cards or share those special occasions with Derrick, his memory lives on through a scholarship designed to touch the lives of others.

This fundraiser is a universal acknowledgment that we will never forget him, and the funds raised will be dedicated to granting scholarships and contributing to S.T.E.A.M. initiatives. By doing so, we aim to leave an enduring mark on the world—a mark that reflects the love we carry in our hearts and the commitment to making the world a better place for the generations to come.

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An Aunt’s Love Fund