2023 Grantseeker Webinar

All nonprofits interested in applying to The Foundation for 2023 should watch this webinar. An overview of grant opportunities, requirements and and timelines are provided, along with information about capacity building sessions and technical assistance opportunities.

Eligibility and FAQs

Find out if your organization is eligible to apply to The Community Foundation's grant programs.

Eligibility Criteria

Frequently asked questions


Required reporting forms for nonprofits with existing grants and scholarship recipients are found here.


Responsive Competitive Grants

The Foundation offers competitive grants throughout the year, ranging in size from small grants and sponsorships to larger multi-year commitments. This flexible funding comes from unrestricted and preference funds established to respond to community needs in Greater New Haven.

Grant Programs and Deadlines

Noncompetitive Grants

Donor advised, designated and organization funds name specific nonprofits as beneficiaries and are not open to a competitive application process.

creating a fund

Recent Grant Awards

2019 Responsive Grant Awards: The Community Foundation Awards Nearly $3 million to Local Nonprofits ›


The Community Foundation awards $2,938,243 in grants to local nonprofits through The Community Foundation's Responsive Grantmaking process.

2018 Responsive Grant Awards ›


The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven's 2018 responsive grant awards create opportunity and respond to community needs.

Community Foundation Grants Provide Support Amid 2017's Unprecedented Challenges ›


The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven reaffirms its committment to the community through grants awarded to local nonprofits.

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Christina Ciociola
Senior Vice President for Grantmaking & Strategy

Logan Roddy
Grants Manager