Grant Reporting

Electronic Payment

The Community Foundation grant program recipients will receive grant payments only via an ACH (Automated Clearing House). Distributions and grants payments will be made directly to an account chosen by the grant recipient via an ACH (Automated Clearing House) transfer (fees associated for using this new electronic system are paid by The Foundation).

  • Organizations have found ACH has helped them save time with fewer trips to the bank and has eliminated the possibility of lost or stolen checks.

  • The Foundation has found this way of making grant distributions saves costs and improves security for both The Community Foundation and grantees.

Grant recipients must complete the ACH form and return by email to Brandi Kryvonis, Disbursement Manager.



Instructions and reporting forms for grant and scholarship programs are available below. Progress reports are due at the close of each year, unless otherwise indicated in your terms of grant.

Responsive Grants

Responsive Grant - Final Annual Report Form [Doc, 67KB]

Logic Model Form for Responsive Grants [Doc, 698KB]

Demographic Data Reporting Form

Community Fund for Women and Girls Grants

Interim & Final Grant Report for Community Fund for Women & Girls Grants [Doc, 805KB]

Designated Fund Grants

Designated Grant Reporting Form for Designated Fund Grants [Doc, 60KB]

Year-Round Small Grants

Year-Round Small Grants Reporting Form [Doc, 93KB]

Donor Advised Fund Grants

Donor Advised Fund Grant Reporting Form [Doc, 93k]


2017 Scholarship Reporting Form for Guidance Counselors to complete for scholarship recipients. Contact Deborah Wright with questions about this form.

Animal Shelter Grants

Animal Shelter Grants Report Questions [Doc, 52KB]

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