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Past and present Community Fund for Women & Girls Advisory Board Members and Staff



2020 marks the 25th anniversary of the Community Fund for Women & Girls, and with that historic event comes a change to the Fund’s grantmaking process. The change is a strategic decision made by the Fund’s Advisory Board in coordination with Foundation leaders to amplify the Fund’s impact. Instead of a request for proposal process, Fund leadership will use knowledge gained from prior grant processes, grantee partnerships and research to strategically invest in longer-term opportunities that support the economic mobility and advancement of women and girls.

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Women and Philanthropy: Leaving a Legacy

In 1995, a founding group of committed women established The Community Fund for Women & Girls. Women of all backgrounds have joined to build the endowment and create individually named funds that are a permanent resource for women and girls' programs in Greater New Haven.

The Dr. Miriam C. Birdwhistell Fund ›

Est. 2015 by Nan Birdwhistell

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The Community Fund for Women & Girls 2019 Annual Meeting featured an-depth panel discussion, "The Care Economy: Women, Wealth and Work."

MakingWaves Leadership Giving Program

The Community Fund for Women & Girls thanks the generous supporters for participating in the MakingWaves Leadership Giving Program with a gift or pledge. The Program was created in honor of the Community Fund for Women & Girls’ 20th Anniversary to grow the endowment and the Fund’s grantmaking resources for local nonprofits for the benefit of women and girls.

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Past Events

The Community Fund for Women & Girls holds convenings and events, inviting inspirational women to Greater New Haven to impart their knowledge and giving local advocates a chance to meet and discuss regional, national and global issues affecting us all.

June 18 - Powerful Voices: Strengthening the Individual and the Community ›

Activist Tarana Burke, the 2006 founder of the "me too." Movement, spoke at the Community Fund for Women & Girls 2018 Annual Meeting and Convening

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Stepping Up: 2018 Grants Promoting Gender Equity ›

The Community Fund for Women & Girls' 2018 grants.

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Women Across Connecticut Unite ›

Dynamic women across Connecticut convene for Galvanize Connecticut in December 2019 to continue the fight for gender equity.

Fund to Mark 25 Years of Advancing Gender Equity ›

In 2020, the Community Fund for Women & Girls will celebrate a quarter century of women's philanthropy.

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Dive Into The Issues

Undervalued and Underpaid in America Women in Low-Wage, Female-Dominated Jobs ›


From the Institute for Women’s Policy Research.

The Care Economy ›


Millions of women work long hours caring for the needs of the elderly, the infirm, and children. For large numbers, particularly women of color, their earnings are so low that they and their families live in poverty.

Investing With a Gender Lens ›


In philanthropy and the private sector, there is a growing movement to direct financial and human resources into supporting women and girls, expanding their leadership opportunities, and challenging the traditional roles and expectations of both women and men.

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Officers and Advisory Board Members

2019 Officers

Karen Peart - Chair

Heather Calabrese - Vice Chair

Christine Kim - Treasurer

Janna Wagner - Immediate Past Chair

Kellyann Day - Community Foundation Board Liaison

2019 Advisory Board

  • Daisy Abreu
  • Meredith Gavrin
  • Amy Marx
  • Tressa Spears Jackson
  • Barbara Chesler
  • Anne Godsey
  • Liza Janssen Petra
  • Cynthia Watson
  • Mary Beth Congdon
  • Maribel Lopez
  • Carol Ross

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