Inclusive Growth for Greater New Haven

Embracing a vision of Greater New Haven as a place of opportunity for all

Sept. 25, 2019 Convening

Economic Inclusion: Creating a Future of Opportunity

The Foundation hosted a half-day convening on Sept. 25, 2019 about Greater New Haven's future as a place of opportunity. The program included sessions on career pathways in local growth industries and supporting an inclusive entrepreneurship ecosystem, as well as a panel discussion and "data walk. Keynote address by Tawanna Black (pictured above), founder and CEO of the Center for Economic Inclusion.

Creating Opportunity for All

While the state hovers near the bottom of national economic growth indicators, the city of New Haven and the region are well-positioned to be a future growth center for Connecticut. However, growth alone is not enough. As seen in regions around the country that are booming, the top earners are reaping most of the gains and too many are behind.

Greater New Haven can be different if we make a community-wide commitment to inclusive growth. Increasing access to skills, training and employment is only part of the equation. The region must also address the structural racism and gender bias that have closed the doors of opportunity to too many for too long.

The Foundation is committed to working in partnership with local residents and institutions so that the larger community embraces a vision of Greater New Haven as a place of opportunity for all.

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