Inclusive Growth

For Greater New Haven to fully prosper, it needs an economic expansion that reaches broadly into every community.

Inclusive Opportunity for Greater New Haven

Prior to the COVID-19 crisis, the economy was leaving too many people in our community behind. Since the pandemic, the disparities have grown deeper. As Greater New Haven begins to recover, The Foundation will work to create equitable opportunity, so that people in every neighborhood have access to the resources they need to build successful lives.

Stepping Forward

In 2019, The Community Foundation created a strategic plan centered on advancing equity and creating opportunity in Greater New Haven by building an economy that works for everyone. While our economy had been growing at the time, it continued to leave behind significant segments of the Black, Latino and recent immigrant communities.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the disparities present in our community and around the world have only become more stark. While The Foundation's focus during the crisis has turned toward relief efforts, the work that lies ahead is more critical than ever. As the pandemic recedes, The Foundation will work with partners throughout the community to ensure that Greater New Haven's recovery and rebuilding is inclusive.

Our region will experience greater growth when all residents can learn, work, give back to the community, and contribute to a healthy, just and thriving community.

Count Me In

The Community Foundation President and CEO Will Ginsberg

The Community Foundation President and CEO Will Ginsberg outlines The Foundation's strategy in the New Haven Biz Op-Ed, "Opportunity, Inclusive Growth and Mission Investing."

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Where We Are

Greater New Haven’s growth in the past decade, in terms of the change in the size of its economy size and entrepreneurial activity, ranks in the bottom half of the 100 largest metropolitan regions, according to Brookings. This story of slow growth is not new, as the number of Greater New Haven residents gaining access to the middle class has been in decline for more than a generation.

Greater New Haven Progress Report 2020.

The Greater New Haven Community Progress Report (2020) shows long-standing trend of widening disparities in income, wealth, heath and other measures.

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Working in the Community

The Foundation is promoting the work of creating opportunity by sharing what we are learning, convening community leaders and funding work aligned with our strategy.

Network of Foundations Focusing on Social Mobility and Youth Opportunity ›


Community Foundation Opportunity Network is a national leadership and action network of community foundations committed to narrowing the youth opportunity gap.

Creating a Future of Opportunity Event Recap ›


The Community Foundation forum, "Creating a Future of Opportunity," turned out more than 200 community leaders and residents from diverse backgrounds, professions and ages to exchange ideas for creating more opportunity for Greater New Haven residents.

2019 Annual Meeting: Creating a Future of Opportunity ›


Community Foundation leaders presented a vision for creating access to opportunity for everyone.

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Investing in the Community

COVID-19 Community Fund Grants Reach Hardest Hit Populations ›


Over $670,000 Distributed for Communities of Color, Seniors, Low-Income and High Risk Populations

First Grants Awarded from COVID-19 Community Fund ›


Individuals Most Disproportionately Impacted by COVID-19 To Benefit

Community Foundation for Greater New Haven Awards $1.3 Million to New Haven Promise to Support Expanding Access and Opportunity for Local Youth ›


New Haven Promise seen as playing a pivotal role in building talented workforce for the region

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