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Maysa Akbar

  • Appointed by the Mayor of the City of New Haven for a term of seven years beginning June 1, 2017
  • Committee Membership: Community Strategies and Knowledge; Executive; Finance (Chair); TCF-MIC Board of Managers
  • Board Liaison: Progreso Latino Fund

Dr. Maysa Akbar, is a groundbreaking psychologist, best-selling author, and healer. Her work in developing and discovering the existence of Urban TraumaTM, a framework that unpacks how people of color are in a state of crisis due to oppressive societal systems, which results in feelings of anger, rage, and hopelessness. Defining Urban Trauma allows for new healing paths that empower diverse communities to unearth liberation and freedom while creating a new legacy. Dr. Akbar is an engaging and dynamic speaker on Urban Trauma, Restorative Practices, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Her seminal work has been featured in corporations with social responsibility initiatives, philanthropies that advance racial equity, nonprofits, urban school districts, and social service agencies. She brings wisdom, courage, and passion to both the learned community and a wider audience.

Dr. Akbar is a board-certified clinical psychologist and is an Assistant Clinical Professor at Yale University, School of Medicine. She is a media expert, addressing the role of Urban Trauma in community tensions and violence, race relations, and educational disparities in real-time. Dr. Akbar represents the American Psychological Association at the United Nations where she informs psychology practice within the international community. She also serves on the board of Connecticut Psychological Association and the Community Foundation for Greater New Haven.