The deadline to apply for funding through this process has passed.


This funding opportunity is a partnership between the Perrin Family Foundation and The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven. The partnering Foundations share an interest in improving the lives of youth and young adults.

Open an informational powerpoint presentation about grant eligibility and application process.

The Goal:

There is a strong body of evidence that demonstrates how, when provided with the right opportunities and supports, formerly incarcerated individuals are far more likely to successfully find a job, rebuild their relationships and reintegrate back into the community. Unfortunately, however, there are very few opportunities for those that have been directly impacted by the system of mass incarceration to exercise collective leadership to identify, discuss, and organize to change the systemic barriers they face upon release. This funding opportunity aims to change that.

This funding opportunity will specifically support organizing as a strategy, with a focus on amplifying the voice of youth and young adults directly impacted by the justice system to address systemic issues that they have identified as barriers to their re-integration success.

The Funding Opportunity and Intended Outcomes:

The goal of this joint multi-year funding opportunity is to ensure that formerly incarcerated youth and young adults (aged 16-24) and their families are empowered with opportunities to exercise community leadership, thereby advancing their successful reintegration; reducing recidivism rates and building leadership and organizing capacity to change policies and practices that fuel mass incarceration.

This funding opportunity is informed by a belief that investing in the leadership and organizing capacity of those most directly impacted will not only lead to less recidivism, it will also, in the long term, lead to:

1) a more robust and accountable service support network that ensures formerly incarcerated individuals have access to the education, housing, employment and health care services they need;

2) greater community awareness about the impact of incarceration;

3) the creation of policies and practices that remove obstacles to community re-entry and decrease increase incarceration; and

4) deeper civic leadership of marginalized youth and young adults.

This funding opportunity will provide up to $80,000 in grant support to one organization over a two year period ($40,000 per year).

Eligibility Criteria:

Organizations eligible for consideration must:

  • Be working in the greater New Haven area.
  • Demonstrate efficacy in cultivating the leadership of youth and young adults.
  • Have experience and familiarity with engaging and serving formerly incarcerated individuals.
  • Possess an understanding of community organizing principles and practices, including how to build a base, cultivate leadership, and develop a campaign.

Application Process and Timeline:

Potential applicants must first speak with The Foundation, during the open application period and prior to submitting an application. After participating in the screening call, you will receive a link to complete the application form.

An Informational Webinar will be held on October 30, 2017 at 3:00 p.m. for interested applicants. A link to access the Webinar is available here (please provide yourself ample time in advance to connect on-line); applicants may also attend the Webinar in person at The Community Foundation’s office.

Key dates include:

October 30, 2017 Informational Webinar
November 20, 2017 Applications Due
December 31, 2017 Funding Decision Announced

About the Funding Partners:

The Perrin Family Foundation is committed to building environments that support young people as leaders of social change, taking collective action to address causes of issues they have identified as impacting their lives and communities.

The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven is the permanent charitable endowment for Greater New Haven and its region's largest grantmaker to nonprofits. It has a strategic initiative focused on supporting the re-entry of formerly incarcerated individuals. The Community Foundation understands that mass incarceration is a complicated issue with intersecting root causes including: structural racism, lack of access and coordination of services and supports, education, and wide prevailing criminal justice policy. The Community Foundation believes that as a community, we can do better to empower men and women to rebuild their lives when they return home.