In 2017, The Community Foundation established a fund - The Community Now Fund - to underscore the importance of a moment in our history for our community to act as one. The Fund represents a collective recommitment to one another and to our shared belief that we can build a stronger future for Greater New Haven by acting together. Contributions to the fund exceeded $100,000 in the first year and donors were able to either make immediate grants to organizations and programs of their choosing, or to designate their gifts toward a Foundation priority, such as the arts, local nonprofit press, women’s reproductive rights, criminal justice reform, eliminating racial and ethnic health disparities, assisting immigrants, and ensuring healthcare access.

The Community Foundation is continuing to invite our community to invest in our region and band together through this fund, and it will continue to advocate strengthening our connections, embracing and supporting those at the margins, and creating a future where the many and not just the few will have the opportunity to build a better life.

There are a number of ways we can work together:

Let us know
if The Foundation can do more!

  1. Inform yourself and let us know what you know by surfing our website, following us on social media
  2. Join us for our expanded schedule of briefings and convenings about issues impacting our community
  3. Increase support for your favorite organizations this year by making a gift directly to them or for their benefit via
  4. Tell us about opportunities for engagement in our community so The Foundation can share these opportunities with others
  5. Inspire others by sharing what you are doing via your social networks and the networks of The Foundation
  6. Invest in your community
    • Add to your existing donor advised fund to increase grants this year
    • Start a new fund
    • Contribute to the Community, Now Fund (below) that will make immediate grants to organizations and programs either as you direct, or to issues The Foundation is prioritizing

How can we help?

Dotty Weston-Murphy, CAP®

Sr. Vice President, Development and Donor Services


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