Neighborhood Music School Builds Community and Inspires Personal Growth ›


Neighborhood Music School has engaged students throughout the pandemic while refocusing its attention to its founding values.

Cancer Survivors Support Group Helps Patients and Families With Basic Needs ›


Gift cards lighten burden for patients in treatment.

Blackstone Library Renovation Expands Access ›


Bigger Space Helps Distancing During COVID

Shubert Serves Community During COVID Intermission ›


Theater company adapts, survives and gives back.

Women Find Stability with Help from Women & Family Life Center ›


For many women living one paycheck away from a financial crisis, the COVID-19 pandemic has been devastating. The Women and Family Life Center has offered a lifeline.

Teens Seek Healing Through Shakespeare ›


Working with Elm Shakespeare Company, local teens with Ice the Beef confront real traumas while producing an original live version of Romeo and Juliet.

Youth Continuum Works to End Youth Homelessness ›


The area's lead agency for at-risk and homeless youth plans to open a new shelter in 2022.

New Home for New Reach Creates Innovative “Hub” To End Homelessness ›


A new campus will increase public awareness and knowledge of proven interventions to address poverty and homelessness.

Local Women's Support Group Goes The Extra Mile ›


Volunteers use COVID-19 grant to distribute wellness packs.

New Haven Pride Center Leads Week of Action ›


A safe space in Greater New Haven for support groups, LGBTQ+ programming, advocacy work and activism goes virtual.

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