The Greater New Haven COVID-19 Community Fund was established on March 20, 2020 by The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven in partnership with the United Way of Greater New Haven as a community-wide effort to raise money to help Greater New Haven's nonprofit organizations and the thousands of people in our region they serve affected by COVID-19. The two institutions are working together in promoting the fund to donors and in decision-making as to grants from the fund.

The top five critical needs identified by CT nonprofits:

  • Food and Basic Needs
  • Mental Health Services
  • Employment Supports
  • Housing
  • Childcare

Source: CT NONPROFITS & COVID-19: A Pulse Survey.

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Downtown Evening Soup Kitchen (DESK) set up grab and go food distribution in New Haven. Photos source: DESK.

Grants Awarded

Since its inception, the COVID-19 Community Fund has distributed $4,388,400.

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Stories of Compassion and Perseverance

Nonprofits, community groups and individuals are working like never before to support healing and recovery in Greater New Haven.

Veteran Journalists Share Knowledge with New Haven Students ›

Free Online Workshop Offered During Pandemic

Women Find Stability with Help from Women & Family Life Center ›

For many women living one paycheck away from a financial crisis, the COVID-19 pandemic has been devastating. The Women and Family Life Center has offered a lifeline.

Teens Seek Healing Through Shakespeare ›

Working with Elm Shakespeare Company, local teens with Ice the Beef confront real traumas while producing an original live version of Romeo and Juliet.

COVID-19 Community Fund Press Releases

COVID-19 Community Fund Awards More than $880,000 in Grants ›

Grants awarded to help residents stay in their homes, access food, receive direct assistance, access vaccinations and more as challenges from the impacts of COVID-19 persist

COVID-19 Community Fund Grants Reach Hardest Hit Populations ›

Over $670,000 Distributed for Communities of Color, Seniors, Low-Income and High Risk Populations

First Grants Awarded from COVID-19 Community Fund ›

Individuals Most Disproportionately Impacted by COVID-19 To Benefit

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Donors to the Greater New Haven COVID-19 Community Fund

Thank you to The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven and United Way of Greater New Haven donors below who have chosen to support our local community in these unprecedented times by making a gift to the COVID-19 Community Fund. The following list is as of December 31, 2020.

    Anonymous (52)
    Joseph Addison
    Melvin Aden
    Tanya Allen
    Karen Anderson, Sunrise New Haven
    Anne Hope Bennett Fund
    Rick & Nancy Antle
    Holly Antolini
    Robin Appel
    Diane Fried Ariker & Walter H. Ariker Fund
    Lynn Aubin
    August Family Fund
    Autumn Fund
    Stephanie Avallone
    Marion Avitable
    Craig Bailey
    Paul & Joanne Bailey
    Charles Bailyn
    Stephanie Barnes
    Sarbani Basu
    Bill & Donna Batsford
    Richard & Alice Baxter Fund
    Be Just Fund at Tides
    Dave Bechtel
    Benjamin Bechtolsheim & Caroline Scanlan
    Nancy Berliner & Alan Plattus
    Brittney Berrios
    Deepon Bhaumik
    Nancy Bianchi
    Patricia Bogie
    Mary Ann & Geof Bonenberger
    Yarden Bornovski
    Melanie Boyd
    Robert J. & Kathleen G. Bradley
    Dawn Brancati
    Matt Branum
    Thomas Breen
    Cynthia Brenner
    Amy Brewer
    Charlene Brown
    Dr. Khalilah L. Brown-Dean
    Maz Burbank
    Carmen Burgos
    Linda Burt
    Cacopardo Family
    Drs. Chris & Penny Canny
    Lincoln Caplan & Susan Carney
    Sharon Cappetta
    Cara - RTS
    Carolyn Foundation
    Arnold & Carolyn Cary
    Madeline Case
    Castro and Eang
    Daniel Chabeda
    Nathan Chang
    Maximilian Chaoulideer
    Henry Chauncey Jr.
    Chdlsea Company
    Yanmei Chen
    Jeanne Chesanow
    Judith Chevalier
    Kellie & Scott Choquette
    Christina & Tony Ciociola
    Jan Clarke
    Constance Clement
    Kevin & Roxanne Coady
    Brad Collins & Nancy Clayton
    Jane Coppock
    Katha & John Cox
    Stephen Cremin-Endes
    Craig Crews & Katherine McKenzie
    Critical Public Health Fund
    David & Vicki Crompton
    John Moore Crossey
    Angela A. Crowley
    Nancy Crowther
    Rich & Katarina Curtis
    Dr. Armine Darbinyan
    Victoria DiSesa
    Lise & Bill Dondy-Kaplan
    Michelle Dover
    Anastasia Eccles
    Annie Eccleston
    Eder Family Foundation Inc.
    Lazaros Efthymiou
    Rev. Nathan & Mrs. Diana Empsall
    ERJ Fund
    Mark & Linda Estacion
    Marie T. Falsey Fund
    Dr. Crystal Feimster
    Fellows Family Fund
    Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
    Emily Fine
    A&E Fisher Fund
    Renee B. Fisher Foundation Fund
    Steve Fontana
    Mary Ann Frank
    Dr. Kealoha Freidenburg
    Julia Friend
    Karyn Gallagher
    Wendy Gamba
    Liana Garcia
    Andrew Giering
    Ginsberg Family Fund
    Glatt Family
    Lindy Lee Gold
    Linda Goodman
    Israel & Adele Gordon Fund
    Joseph W. Gordon & Mark Bauer
    A. Gottlieb (RTS)
    Donna Grajauskas
    Vincent Granata
    William C. Graustein
    Geoffrey Gregory
    Robert Gribbon
    Stephen Hamm
    Connor Hann
    Rich Hayden
    Hayes Foundation
    Health Services Fund
    Scott Healy
    Rachel Heerema
    Megan Heinisch
    Dr. Sloane Heller & Harris Eppsteiner
    Caroline Hendel & John Wysolmerski
    Paul & Kathleen Hermes Fund
    Caroline Herrick
    Leigh & Leslie Higgins
    Sidney Hirschman
    Ted Hixson
    Nina R. Horowitz & Richard A. Sussman Family Fund
    Jim Horwitz & Sandy Allison
    Zhenyi Hu
    Steven Inglese
    Kavita Israni-Winger
    Eric Jacobs
    JPMorgan Chase & Co.
    Judith & Nathan Janette
    Jewish Foundation of Greater New Haven
    JMS Foundation
    Emma Johnson
    Roger & Ruth Johnson
    JPMorgan Chase & Co.
    Judy Fund
    Jen Just
    Dr. Angela Kang
    Kantor-Flanagan Family Giving Fund
    Lisa Kaston
    Margit Kaye
    Dr. Danya Keene
    David Keiser
    Laura Kennedy
    KeyBank in partnership with the First Niagara Foundation
    Carol Kim / Ranfone Training Systems
    Patrice & Donald Kirshbaum
    Karen Kleinerman
    Beth E. Klingher
    Carolyn Salsgiver Kobsa
    Acadia Kocher
    Jane Kovel
    KP Fund
    Diane Krause Charitable Fund
    Robert P. & Bonnie B. Kreitler
    Kreutter Family Fund
    Michael Lachowicz
    Carole C. LaMotte
    Landes Memorial Fund for the Arts
    Dr. Richard B. Larson
    Dr. James Leckman
    Mary Lesser
    Arthur & Betty Levy Fund
    Xiuling Li
    Lil Liberman
    Andrea L. Livolsi
    Dr. Yuri Londer
    Nomi Lubin
    Robert Lyons, Jr.
    Craig Machado
    Terry & Martha Maguire
    Judith Malamut
    William & Janet Maley Jr.
    Rebecca Mandell
    Sven Martson
    Jeanne McFarland
    Medoff Giving Fund
    Lisa Mendes
    Venu Menon
    Roz & Jerry Meyer
    Spencer & Joanna Meyer
    William H. & Irene K. Miller Charitable Account
    George W. Mixter Fund
    Bill & Julie Moore
    Lily Morse
    Fernando J. Muñiz
    Charles Murphy
    Bracken Murphy
    Megan Murphy
    Stephen Murphy
    Kenneth Musen
    Ben Muskin
    Dr. Kathryn Nagel & Matthew Kingsbury
    Paul Neri
    Netter Foundation Inc.
    New Haven Terminal
    New Ways Fund
    Lisa Newfield
    Newton Family Fund
    Dr. Marcella Nunez-Smith
    Courtney Nunley
    Nicholas D. Ohly & Sara Huntington Ohly Fund
    Anne Olcott
    Steve Ongley
    Orchard Foundation
    Sara Elizabeth O’Connor Fund
    David O’Sullivan
    Palitz Family Fund
    Helen L. Palmer “Spirit of the Foundation” Fund
    Aine Palmer
    The Pandolfi Family
    Daniel Pardy & Gerald Saladyga
    Cynthia M. Parker Fund
    Karin Patriquin
    Peace & Social Justice Fund
    Hilary G. Pearson
    People’s United Community Foundation
    Gregory & Ann Pepe
    Julie Perlman
    Dana Peters
    Caitlin Phillips
    Keith Phillips
    Pikaart-Vaughan Family Fund
    Sarah Pillsbury
    Possum Fund
    Angela G. Powers
    William Powers
    Melissa Promuto
    Ranfone Training System
    Hannah Rappaport
    Brendan Reilly
    Resch Family Fund
    Jennifer Richeson
    Susanne Roberts
    Felicia Romano
    Seth Rosen
    Judy Sirota Rosenthal
    Sheilah Rostow
    Rozett Family Fund
    Leah Russell
    Jane Sarja
    Stephen A. Saxe
    Amy Schlank
    Hon. Chris Schuck
    Schwab Charitable Fund
    Scripps Family Fund for Education and the Arts
    Barbara Segaloff
    Chelsea & ‘B’ito Serenbetz
    Louis & Joan M. Sirico Fund
    Skye Foundation Fund
    Cheryl Smith
    Rita & Ray Smith Fund for Strong Families
    Ben Soltoff
    Wenzhi Song
    Staff of the Surgical ICU at YNNH
    St. Raphael Campus Kirby Stafford
    Mary Stahley
    Dr. Michael Stankewich
    Lisa Stanger & Greg Colodner
    Elisabeth Stenger
    Louis & Susan Stone Family Fund
    Dara Strolovitch
    Meaghan Sullivan
    Timken Foundation
    Tomak Family
    Dr. Jasmine Travers
    Meghan Tuttle
    UI, SCG & CNG — part of the Avangrid Family
    United Way of Greater New Haven
    Upper State Street Association Inc.
    Mr. & Mrs. James Urbano
    Marne Usher
    Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program
    Erica Veronesi
    John Charles & Diana Seton Wakerley Fund
    Jolyn Washington Walker
    Mary Kimbrough Webb Fund
    Lianhuan Wei
    James Weiner
    Noah Weingart
    Derek & Morgan Weiss Family Charitable Fund
    Susan Weisselberg
    Glenn & Dotty Weston-Murphy
    Sam Whiteley
    Whitneyville United Church of Christ
    Suzanne Whitty & Andrew Zehner
    Wilbur Fund
    Leshea Wilson
    Andrew Wingate
    Deanne H. & Herbert S. Winokur Jr. Fund
    Mary Woolsey
    Deborah Wright
    Wenjin Xue
    Zdru Family Fund
    Lin Zhang
    Mengwen Zhang
    Hongyu Zhao & Ning Sun
    Michael Ziskin
    Richard Zubek
    Skylar Albertson
    Donald & Anne Andrews
    Shruthi Balasuryan
    Emily Basham
    Erin Bekes
    Frank Briganti
    Martha Brogan
    Benedict Julian Brown
    Rachel Calnek-Sugin
    Julie L. Cohen
    Edward Courchaine
    John & Angela Crowley
    John & Rose Doheny
    Joe and Donna Dornfried
    Diane Dow
    Sarah Drummond
    Amy Duda
    Channa Edirisinghe
    Prashant Emani
    William B. English
    Noreen Gentry
    Aaron Gerow
    Toddie & Chris Getman
    Frances Giffin
    Susan Godshall
    Andrew Graf
    Jason Gray
    Charles Gress
    Ian Gross
    John Gross
    Stephen Holt
    Jean Husted & Becca Main
    Brad Inwood
    Elizabeth Jonas
    Gerald Kahn
    Sumi Kim
    Robert Kirkpatrick
    John M. Leventhal & Beverly J. Hodgson
    Tiffany Lin
    Maureen Long
    Maribel Lopez
    Maria Markham
    Anna Marra
    Joyce Mercer
    Roslyn & Jerome Meyer
    Amy Meyers
    Judith Meyers & Richard Hersch
    Patricia & Gerald Mezzi
    Matthew Nemerson & Marian Chertow
    Ronald Netter
    New Haven Bank
    Norma Pantoja
    John Peters
    Anne Peters
    Paulette Peterson
    Alicia Pittard
    Barbara Reck
    Ilana Richman
    Gerald Rosenberg & Cheryl Wiesenfeld
    Ellen Ryerson
    Peter Schiffer
    Steven Schnittman & Elyse Stock
    Billy Schroeder
    Robert & Virginia Shiller
    Samuel Steiner
    Barbara Stern
    Rebecca Stevens
    Eva Syth
    Tiehong Tian
    Thomas VandenBoom
    David Weinreb
    Robert Young
    Yishu Zhou