Progreso Latino Fund

Legacy Planning for You and Those You Love


Jun 20, 2023


6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Welcome and check-in begins at 5:45 p.m.




Frances Beiro, SVP, Private Client Advisor, Bank of America Private Bank; Atty. Erandi Reiland, BBB Attorneys, LLC; Ingrid Tolentino, CEO, MetLife Legal Plans

Left to right: Panelists Frances Beiro, Erandi Reiland, Ingrid Tolentino; Moderator Constance Royster.

Cultural tendencies to entrust end-of-life care decisions to family members and difficulty talking about death are some of the reasons only 27% of Latines have protected their homes and savings with an estate plan.

Join the Progreso Latino Fund and Latinas and Power online as we discuss strategies that protect the assets you have worked hard to acquire for you and your family.

Topics and Panelists

Wealth Planning
Frances Beiro
, SVP, Private Client Advisor, Bank of America Private Bank

Estate Planning Documents
Atty. Erandi Reiland, BBB Attorneys, LLC

Insurance and Long Term Care Insurance
Ingrid Tolentino
, CEO of MetLife Legal Plans

Constance Royster, J.D., Principal, Laurel Associates LLC

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About the presenting partner:

Since 2003, Latinas and Power has assisted thousands of Latinas with their careers, businesses and wealth-building. Through an annual symposium, Latinas & Power offers workshops, celebrity and motivational speakers and networking opportunities.