Donor Briefings

Donor Briefing: From New Haven to College and Back (RECORDED)

Watch this panel discussion about New Haven Promise and how it connects graduates to local careers.


Jun 01, 2022


12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m.




Craig Carlson, Development Specialist, New Haven Promise Patricia Melton, President, New Haven Promise

New Haven Promise is a college scholarship, career and civic launch economic development program that is one of The Foundation's largest investments and a key part of its strategy to promote opportunity and equity. Since its creation in 2010, Promise has supported more than 2,300 New Haven public school students. The program offers up to full tuition at a Connecticut public college or university, and has placed college scholars and Promise alumni in more than 1,000 local paid internships and entry-level jobs since 2014.

About nine out of ten New Haven Promise scholars are returning to their home city to pursue careers and build their lives. Hear about their experiences, opportunities and challenges in a conversation with New Haven Promise leaders and recent graduates.

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