Donor Briefings

Donor Briefing: Aging in Greater New Haven


Apr 18, 2024


12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m.




Panelists: Nora Duncan, State Director of AARP Connecticut; Lauri Lowell, Executive Director of HomeHaven; Michael Rambarose, President and CEO of Whitney Center. Moderator: Christina Ciociola, SVP for Grantmaking and Strategies at The Community Foundation

Left to right: Panelists Nora Duncan, Lauri Lowell and Michael Rambarose; moderator Christina Ciociola.

Please join us for a donor briefing on aging in Greater New Haven, the various ways our community supports healthy aging for people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities and the opportunities for improvement. We invite you to listen and respond to our guest panelists, who work on these issues every day.

As we age, staying active, socially connected and mentally engaged are critically important to our overall wellbeing and health. Many older adults continue to seek fulfillment by remaining professionally active and employed. But unequal access to opportunities, age discrimination and other barriers to healthy aging present challenges for our community. This has broad implications as our population of older adults continues to grow.


Nora Duncan, state director, AARP Connecticut
Lauri Lowell, executive director, HomeHaven
Michael Rambarose, president and CEO, Whitney Center


Christina Ciociola, senior vice president for Grantmaking and Strategies, The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven

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