Women and Girls Survival Guide

A step - by - step guide to keep moving the needle toward gender equity in the new year.

In reflecting on the great work we've been able to do with your help, we also ask, and answer, the question 'How, exactly, do we keep moving the needle toward gender equity?'

Celebrate the Wins

When the newly-elected United States Congress opens in 2019, it will have nearly 24% women, a 5% increase toward gender parity. That's certainly a step in the right direction.


Since 1995, the Fund has invested in programs specifically designed to foster self-worth and esteem in girls. Now more than two decades later, together with nonprofit partners, the Fund is investing in programs that change attitudes and behaviors, increase skills and knowledge and foster changes in circumstances.

Connect with your Tribe

Did you know the Fund has invested heavily, in both financial resources and leadership, in the success of the statewide Connecticut Collective for Women and Girls? The Collective has convened quarterly action sessions for the growing statewide membership of allies and advocates for women and girls. Its success is a top priority for the Fund, which made a second year commitment of $20,000 for 2019.

Stay Engaged

The transformation to a more equitable society for women is on the horizon, made possible by a highly-engaged citizenry. If you have marched as never before, or worked on getting out the vote, or made calls to your elected officials, researched and attended programs to learn more, you are doing great work. Thank you!

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