Weston-Murphy Family Fund

"This is our way of responding": The Weston-Murphy Family Fund est. 2017 by Dorothy and Glenn Weston-Murphy.

The Weston-Murphy Family at the joyous occasion of their daughter's wedding. L-R: Dotty and Glenn, Brian and Aly, Aly's grandmother (Dotty's mom), Jennifer and Michael. Photo courtesy of the Weston-Murphys.

As the Senior Vice President for Development and Donor Services for The Foundation, Dorothy "Dotty" Weston–Murphy knows a thing or two about establishing a fund and leaving a legacy.

"It is something I live and breathe everyday through my work and through community," Dotty says. "It is something that speaks to my values and the values that we have instilled in our children."

Dotty and her husband, Glenn, established a donor advised fund in 2017 to support local community organizations they love.

"My passions are women, children, the arts and basic needs — those are our main focuses."

The Weston-Murphys have always been charitably inclined. Dotty is a Founding Member and Wavemaker for The Community Fund for Women & Girls, and she and Glenn support numerous nonprofits across Greater New Haven. Their children, Aly and Michael, have always volunteered and given back to the community, as well. They are successor-advisors to the fund.

When asked why she and Glenn decided to create a fund now, she said "It is something we thought about for a long time. With what is happening in our country, we just wanted to do our part. There are so many people working in the trenches, directly serving in these difficult times when state and federal funding is in flux and the impact of recent tax law changes is uncertain. This is our way of responding."

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Weston-Murphy Family Fund