Walter Tischbein Scholarship Fund

Est. 2017 by the Lee Company in honor of Walter Tischbein.

Walt joined the Lee Company in 1985, after famously showing up for a job interview during the arrival of Hurricane Gloria.

Walter (Walt) Tischbein, Vice President of the Screen Group at the Lee Company, passed away on Christmas morning, 2017. As a much loved Lee employee, role model and mentor, Walt's life will forever be celebrated with a scholarship fund that aligns with his interests in life and his concern for his fellow Lee Company employees, their children and their education.

Walt was a strong believer in education and hosted many groups of high school students. The Tischbein scholarship is available to children of Lee Company employees, with a preference to those studying a STEM discipline and engineering and who have a track record of community service.

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Walter Tischbein Scholarship Fund