The Talented Mr. Green

The Foundation remembers Henry Green for his compassion, talents and life-lessons.

Actor and mentor Henry Green died from complications arising from an organ transplant in July 2018. The procedure was Henry's second to correct the life-threatening effects of gunshot wounds sustained 8 years earlier. Hear his story in his own words

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Always a King to Us

The Community Foundation was saddened to hear of the passing of actor and youth outreach worker Henry Green in July 2018.

The Foundation had the privilege of working with Green in 2015 to promote greater understanding and empathy about local violence at its Convening on Violence. Green joined several people in sharing their personal story on camera.

"In the projects nobody wants to hear you sing a musical number. They don't care."

Henry Green was mugged at gun-point in 2010. Waking up after months in a coma, the eighteen year-old had to relearn how to walk and talk. He resolved to share his story to as many people as would listen. It is a timeless, cautionary tale for youth feeling powerless and seeking respect in self-destructive and violent ways and for adults desperate for answers on how to keep their children safe from street violence.

Taking the bus from theater rehearsals to his home, Green recalls his sense-of-self diminishing from "a king to a peasant, real fast." Without respect, he felt powerless. The quickest way to gain respect on the street was through "acts of violence" and "displays of manhood." Watch his testimonial