Workplace Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Board and staff member teams learn strategies to transform your organization with the values of diversity, equity and inclusion in a two-part workshop series and one-on-one consultation

Presented by Kenya Rutland of KJR Consulting on November 19 and December 4, 2020

A two-part workshop series and consultation for board and staff teams.

Board and staff member teams learn strategies to transform your organization with the values of diversity, equality and inclusion. Gain insights to start creating a culture that promotes equity and belonging with staff and to assess your organization’s behaviors, practices and structures for alignment with stated DEI goals and commitments. The presenter will then spend time one-on-one with your organization. The sessions will support organizations by:

  • Calibrating common definitions, including what DEI means within your organization.
  • Sharing tools to inform organizational DEI plans and strategies for modeling inclusive behavior.
  • Defining future steps to continue DEI work.

Registration Note: For the two-part series, please commit to attending both sessions. Your organization may register as a team of 2-4, including at least one board member and one staff member. Participating organizations will be eligible for a 90-minute, one-on-one coaching session with Rutland, which will allow organizations to begin honing in on issues directly affecting staff and learn ways to address those issues.

  • SESSION 1: Managing Unconscious Bias
    Define unconscious bias and identify its various forms. Discover and understand where bias appears and how it impacts daily interactions, decisions and thoughts. Explore how unconscious bias may prevent the achievement of business goals. Using the "Bias Buster Model," practice managing future moments of bias in real time and define strategies to respond productively rather than reacting out of habit.
  • SESSION 2: Facts, Feeling, and Future Steps
    Engage in dialogue and bring voice to the increased awareness of racial inequity on the national stage (including issues that have led to it) and the impact it has on individuals and organizations. The session will create space for participants to reflect, learn, share and act on their feelings around DEI issues.
Kenya Rutland

About the Presenter
Kenya Rutland, Principal and Chief Enthusiasm Officer, KJR Consulting
Rutland is a passionate and trustworthy consultant who increases the confidence, motivation and performance of others. He is a persuasive facilitative leader who uses keen business acumen to build commitment and accountability among staff at all levels of any organization. Rutland has nearly 20 years of experience delivering results-oriented consulting and facilitation to a diverse client portfolio. He holds certifications in various learning and organizational development topics and continues to supplement these through his commitment to lifelong learning. He is also an avid golfer and a diehard fan of the Yankees, 49ers and Lakers.

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