The Push Fund

Est. 2016 to support the Community Fund for Women & Girls

Eugénie Gentry with husband, Brad. Photo credit Kathlen Cei.

Eugénie and Brad Gentry are longtime supporters of the Community Fund for Women & Girls. Eugénie has also served on the Fund's Advisory Board and Grants Committee.

But, towards the end of 2016, all of that still didn't seem like quite enough.

"The year 2016 was one of significant discordance, and I asked myself what steps I needed to take in my own life to make a difference in a meaningful way. Establishing a fund to benefit the Fund for Women & Girls struck me as an important and necessary first step."

Eugénie and Brad established The Push Fund, in memory of Eugénie's mother Patricia C. Isbrandtsen. A remarkable role model for her seven children, six of whom were girls, Patricia was a successful business woman and volunteer within her community and an independent thinker who believed in the importance of education; her nickname from her sisters in childhood was 'Push.'

"My mother acted on what she believed in. Nicknamed 'Push' by her sister, she met her own life's challenges with dignity and a wry sense of humor, and remains to this day a strong presence in my life."

When it came to establishing The Push Fund, Eugénie decided to use appreciated stock that had a low cost basis, which allowed her to establish the fund without incurring capital gains, taxes or dipping into cash reserves.

"It was far and away the most effective, efficient way for us to make the gift."

Eugénie says she used to believe that there would be equity and justice for women within her lifetime. But, while participating in the Women's March in Washington, D.C. earlier this year with her daughter, she realized that society is only in the nascent stages of achieving that goal.

"It is my fervent hope for both The Push Fund and the Fund for Women & Girls to continue its important outreach, education and support of women to reach their full potential. It is important for us to 'push' ourselves and each other to realize our better selves. This is my first step."

A step toward equity and justice for women.

Eugénie Gentry

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