Testamentary- Charitable Gift Annuities

Johnne Syverson, CFP®, CAP, V.P. of the National Gift Annuity Foundation shows how a Testamentary Charitable Gift Annuity (T-CGA) can improve overall planned giving offerings for your clients. Learn how clients with IRA assets can pass them on to their heirs with minimal tax impact and no initial up-front expenses.

Presented on October 20, 2020

The SECURE Act of 2019 ended the very popular “Stretch IRA,” but for charitably-minded clients, the Testamentary-Charitable Gift Annuity (T-CGA) strategy and other testamentary charitable life income solutions can be an effective substitute. A T-CGA allows clients to pass their IRA assets on to their heirs at death with minimal tax impact, no initial up-front expenses, and simple documents - all while satisfying their desire to support their favorite charity(ies) in perpetuity. It can exist as part of a comprehensive estate plan fulfilling your clients' desires to support their heirs and their philanthropic legacies.

Johnne Syverson


Johnne Syverson, CFP®, CAP®
Vice President, National Gift Annuity Foundation