Shubert Theater Performing Arts Center Fund

Established in 1986, this fund supports the acclaimed Shubert Theater and its magical performing arts productions and musicals, in perpetuity.

The historic Shubert Theater is a nonprofit arts, education, and community institution serving the people of Connecticut and in particular the City of New Haven. As a public resource, the Shubert presents a wide array of programs to a diverse community. Its programming includes performers representing many cultures, nationalities and varieties of artistic expression.

The Shubert also maintains comprehensive education and community outreach programs, from a student series in the theater to master classes and lecture demonstrations in schools and community centers. The Shubert's Night At A Performance (S.N.A.P.) program makes it possible for families who might not otherwise be able to attend the theater, to come at no cost to them.

The theater itself is the crown jewel of downtown New Haven. Opened in 1914 before "talkies," television, or rock concerts, the Shubert has just 1600 seats. It was built for the live theater experience: intimate, personal and immediate. While it now has a wide sparkling lobby, comfortable new seats and a state-of-the-art sound system, it is a real Broadway house, where the magic of theater, music and dance come alive.

A gift from you today to the Shubert Performing Arts Center Fund will support the Shubert in perpetuity. Or, if you prefer, you can start your own named fund to benefit the theater or another cause dear to you.

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Shubert Performing Arts Center Fund