Santiago Martínez Family Fund

Est. 2022 by George Martínez and Raquel Santiago-Martínez

Dream in Action

Raquel Santiago-Martinez and George Martinez
Raquel Santiago-Martínez and George Martínez

"Paying forward has always been our way of showing gratitude and being thankful for the good things in our lives. We volunteer in, participate with, and support community organizations and events.

Our parents came to this country as migrants. A Ph.D. in Theology, my father served in the Korean War as a medic in the Army, then a minister for 57 years. My father-in-law, the oldest of 13, mined stone in Portland, CT, while supporting his extended family. My mother, with a second-grade education done in one year, worked in convalescent homes, school cafeterias, and corporate dining rooms. My mother-in-law knew how to sign her name with an ‘x’.

But all of them strongly believed in the importance of education and passed that belief unto us. Because of them, George and I were moved to create a fund honoring them.

Placing their dreams in action today and in the future, plays a foundational role in the life of Latino students with limited resources in our New Haven community and realize our commitment to academic excellence. It is that dream that inspires us to leave a legacy of paying forward – even when we are no longer here."

— Raquel Santiago-Martínez

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