Salute to Fellow Nonagenarians: Dag and Nancy Pfeiffer

In 2018, The Foundation celebrated its 90th anniversary, we're honored to be in the company of these amazing 90(plus)-year-old donors: Dag and Nancy Pfeiffer.

Honored to be in the company of these amazing 90(plus)-year-old donors

Dag and Nancy Pfeiffer. Photo Judy Sirota Rosenthal

Their journey together started in 1946, when Dagobert (Dag) and Nancy Pfeiffer met at the University of Geneva. Nancy spoke English, Dag spoke German, and the little French they both knew sparked a lifelong conversation.

Married in 1948, the Pfeiffers have three children and two grandchildren and live a full life after retirement from careers in business and photojournalism. An outdoors enthusiast since his days of climbing the Alps as a child, Dag discovered Sleeping Giant Park after the couple's move to North Haven in 1964, and they have been enjoying it ever since. In 2007, the Pfeiffers set up a charitable gift annuity with appreciated stock, which in the future will establish the Dag and Nancy Pfeiffer Fund to benefit the Sleeping Giant Park Association.

This story is part of our series: 90 Years of Being There "From the Start."