Report to Our Community 2018/19

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Opportunity Makers

Creating a Future of Opportunity

At The Community Foundation, we strive every day to honor the legacies of those who have come before in ways that build a bright future for Greater New Haven. The pull of the past and the face of the future are always with us. In 2018, this seemed especially true. To mark our ninetieth anniversary, we recommitted to the ideals that have built and sustained The Foundation: trust, connection, legacy and progress. These commitments will guide our work going forward as they have shaped our history.

Last year, The Foundation put forward a new vision of our community's future progress. To move forward in this time of deep division in our society, we collectively must create more substantial opportunities for a greater share of our residents. We convened our community around this vision of inclusive growth in diverse groups both large and small. We ignited a new dialogue between the social sector and the business sector and both responded with enthusiasm tempered only by Connecticut's current economic and social challenges. Most importantly, we listened.

The highlights and stories in this Report to Our Community tell us that in our community we can create a different reality, a counterpoint to the national experience where too often growth exacerbates inequality rather than ameliorating it. The Foundation is committed to playing our role in creating a future of opportunity through growth that is more inclusive and driven by a commitment to equity. We are developing a new strategic plan in 2019 to guide our efforts in the coming years.

"We envision a future of opportunity in Greater New Haven because a new generation is bringing a new civic activism and a new sense of urgency to the work of community."

— Foundation President & CEO
Will Ginsberg, at the 2019 Annual Meeting.

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