RECAP AND RECORDING Stepping Forward: Advancing Opportunity and Equity in the Time of COVID

The need for collective organizing, changes to policy, changes to mindsets, and new relationships across all sectors of society were some of the many responses to the question of how to create opportunity and achieve equity in Greater New Haven during a wide-ranging panel discussion on Feb. 1.

The discussion panel, consisting of regional and national experts of health, business, entrepreneurialism, youth organizing, housing, education, and inequity, was The Foundation's first in a series of planned events. Throughout 2021 and beyond, The Foundation will continue to offer forums, workshops and focused conversations aimed at bringing the community together around the work needed to advance opportunity and equity as it recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic.

What We Heard

  • With Stepping Forward, The Foundation is responding to COVID-19 and advancing racial equity with both resources and new ways of engaging the community.
  • A sustained, long-term commitment is needed to advance opportunity and equity.
  • Advancing equity requires challenging and changing existing power structures and policies.
  • Opportunity is expanded when everyone feels their own power.
  • Younger generations are at the forefront of making change.
  • Sustained support of collective organizing is needed for change to happen.
  • Inequity goes deeper than economic disparities, and will only be overcome through a transformational cultural shift with changed mindsets and new relationships.
  • Services and programs should be steeped in the needs of the community.
  • Every institution and every business needs to reflect the community with which it works.

What We Can Do

Have Questions About Stepping Forward?

Visit Stepping Forward Key Details and Questions for an overview of The Foundation's recent commitment. The Community Foundation is committed to listening and wants to hear from you. Please share with us your questions about or ideas for advancing equity and addressing the impact of COVID.