Progreso Latino Fund Forum

Celebrating Latino leadership as a driver of change in our region.

Celebrating Latino Leaders: Leading From Where You Are

Progress for Latinos in Greater New Haven requires work on many fronts. On September 15th, the Progreso Latino Fund hosted a panel discussion and celebration of Latinos in our community who are "leading from where they are".

Leadership is not about the position you hold at your job, all panelists agreed. It's not about politics or religion or education, either. Leadership comes from a passion and confidence, grabbing a hold of who you are, influencing others to do the same.

A theme of solidarity and unity - not putting differences aside, but embracing commonalities as a community - perforated the evening's discussion. Barriers and challenges in the larger society are still evident, especially for Latinos who may have come to our region more recently. Resources and knowledge are key to navigating and succeeding.

The discussion was followed by networking and dancing, music courtesy of La Orquesta Espada.

View the photo gallery from the event here.

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