Program and Capacity Building Grants

ATTENTION: The program support and capacity building grant process is not open. An announcement about when this process opens will be made later this year.

Program Support

The Community Foundation's program grants are intended to support specific programs or services that are provided within The Foundation's twenty-town service area.

Eligibility Overview

  • Applicants must meet The Community Foundation's minimum requirements, including serving people within the Community Foundation's twenty-town service area.
  • Organizations based outside of the service area are eligible to apply if they are seeking support for programs or services that they provide within the service area.
  • First-time applicants to The Foundation are eligible to apply.
  • Applications can be for ongoing programs that are effective and meet a need in the community.
  • If available, the® profile will serve as part of the application.

Capacity Building Support

Capacity building support is defined as a grant for short-term financial assistance to build the infrastructure of an organization for long-term success. Requests for capacity building include but are not limited to board development, strategic planning, evaluation and capital expenditures including equipment, building renovations or relocation. The® profile will serve as part of the application.