PPE for CT Fund

Est. 2020 for the purchase, shipment, and distribution of personal protective equipment for medical workers

With the outbreak of COVID-19 in America, hospitals everywhere are running out of personal protective equipment (PPE) for hospital workers -- doctors, nurses and medical staff who are in the frontline treating COVID-19 patients. The situation in our area is dire. Without an adequate supply of PPE, most notably masks, the lives of all our healthcare workers are in jeopardy. So are the lives of their families, and of every uninfected patient and coworker in the hospital.

We, a group of concerned New Haven citizens (see below), have been working with trusted connections in China and the US to source masks.

So far, we have secured an order for 10,000 FDA approved N95 masks from a factory in Shangdong province China. We need your immediate help to raise $30,000 to cover the cost of the masks and the shipping. The masks will be donated to frontline healthcare workers in hospitals in critical need in CT. Specifically, 5,000 masks will be distributed to Yale-New Haven Hospital and the rest will go to other hospitals in CT in need.

We have also purchased 1,200 medical masks from a US firm for immediate distribution to Stamford Hospital who is in critical need.

All funds collected will be added to the PPE for Connecticut Fund at The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven and used for the purchase, shipment, and distribution of PPE. Any funds raised in excess of our goal will be used to source the next batch of critically needed supplies.

Please contact Linda Estacion for instructions on how to make a gift to support this work.

Thank you!

Who We Are

Lan Lin (M.D. - Wuhan University, M.S. - Southern Connecticut State University)
Lan is Chair of the Modern Language Department at Hopkins School in New Haven, CT. She has 3 children attending Hopkins School.

Lois Pan (CPA. MS - UNH)
Lois is a CPA with a child in St. Thomas's Day School and one entering Hopkins School this fall.

Carmen Partridge (MS - Cornell)
Carmen is a philanthropist and former relief aid organizer. She has three children, one in Hopkins School and two in St. Thomas' s Day School.

Henan Cheng (ED.D. - Columbia University)
Henan is the acting director of the center on Chinese Education at Teachers College, Columbia University. She is a New Haven Resident for more than 15 years and a Hopkins parent for 5 years.

D. J. Plante (B.A. - University at Albany)
D. J. is the Director of Technology at Hopkins School in New Haven, CT.