Trás la Tormenta: Puerto Rico One Year After Maria

Puerto Rico's future in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.

From left to right: Dr. Nelson Colón Tarrats, Frances Padilla, Mayor Julia M. Nazario Fuentes and John Padilla

The Progreso Latino Fund (PLF) hosted its annual forum,Trás la Tormenta: Puerto Rico One Year After Maria, to discuss the island of Puerto Rico's future in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. Featured guests Dr. Nelson Colón Tarrats, President & CEO, Puerto Rico Community Foundation and Hon. Julia M. Nazario Fuentes, Mayor, Loíza, Puerto Rico gave updates on the recovery efforts on the island and their plans for the future.

What We Heard

The Aftermath

Prior to Hurricane Maria, 44 percent of the Puerto Rican population lived under the poverty level, according to the 2016 US Census. It is estimated that this percentage has increased after the hurricane to over 50 percent.

"Maria showed the poverty in Loiza that had not been visible," said Nazario Fuentes. In the aftermath of the hurricane, the whole infrastructure system collapsed: water, energy, communications and road accessibility.

Powering Puerto Rico

The Puerto Rico Community Foundation has an energy strategy, which they plan to execute in a two-pronged approach. First, they plan to work with communities in the development of solar micro-grids, constructed and managed by the community. Secondly, they want to provide a solar alternate source of energy to community health clinics, many of which are in remote mountainous areas.

What We Can Do

Power a Hospital in Naranjito

Photo: Naranjito Health Clinic

Join The Progreso Latino Fund in supporting disaster relief and recovery efforts in Puerto Rico after 2017's devastating hurricanes and earthquake. Current efforts are focused on raising funds for solar-electric renewable energy to one of the island's health facilities in Naranjito. To meet the goal of fully funding electricity for a hospital, PLF will match gifts to this effort up to a total of $15,000. Your gift ensures that healthcare on the island will not be decimated by future storms and residents of the island will not suffer for lack of medical care.

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