Palitz Family Fund

Est. 2019 by Pam and Albert Palitz

Albert and Pam Palitz. Photo Courtesy of the Palitz family
Albert and Pam Palitz. Photo courtesy of the Palitz family

The Palitz family has strong ties to Yale University, where Pam and Albert Palitz met and two out of three of their children attended school. So it is no surprise they have been supporting their alma mater for years.

“Given our resources, our donations to Yale were kind of a drop in the bucket,” Pam says. “We thought the best thing we could do for Yale is support the New Haven community. By supporting New Haven, we were also helping Yale.”

One of the ways the Palitz family learned they could support New Haven in perpetuity was through establishing a donor advised fund at The Community Foundation. It was their trusted financial advisor who shared his experience of setting up such a fund with his family that inspired Albert and Pam to do the same in 2019.

“Our kids are grown, but the idea of sitting around a table once a year as a family and talking about the organizations that are meaningful to us was really appealing,” Pam says.

“We liked what our advisor said about The Foundation and about the flexibility of being able to make charitable donations through it,” Albert explains. “For those reasons we felt like New Haven was a good place to base the fund even though we live in California.”

The Palitz family looks forward to getting together to discuss giving strategies, but have not wasted any time since starting their fund to give to the organizations they love.

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