Muñiz Martínez Family Fund

Est. 2022 by Fernando J. Muñiz and Maribel Martínez

Fernando Muñiz and Maribel Martínez were inspired to start their charitable fund by the Progreso Latino Fund's 20th Anniversary.

Access, exposure and opportunity is what we hope to provide for with our fund. It’s what my parents wanted for me, and it's what we want for others.

Maribel Martínez

Giving back has always been important to Maribel Martínez and Fernando Muñiz. When Martínez was growing up, her parents invited neighbors into their home when they fell on hard times. “They gave whatever they had.

That was something they really instilled in me,” Martínez says. Muñiz began volunteering in high school, following the example set by his parents, who helped others through their church. “I don’t think they would call it community service; it’s how they saw the world — you help other people,” he says. Muñiz and Martínez both chose careers in social service, and Muñiz currently serves as vice chair on The Foundation’s board.

With the Progreso Latino Fund (PLF) celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2023, the couple decided the time was right to establish a named fund. “We felt it was a great way to support Latino-led nonprofits that are doing extraordinary work in the community,” Muñiz says

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Muñiz Martínez Family Fund