Local #NH4PR Effort to Raise Much Needed Funds for Puerto Rico

Multiple earthquakes in Puerto Rico lead local institutions, like PLF, and community leaders to ask for support

Earthquakes Continue to Wreak Havoc

The island of Puerto Rico has been struck again by no less than 39 earthquakes in January 2020, leaving parts of the island devastated and in need of much support. (Learn more in a New Haven Register article here). The tremors and aftershocks are still being felt throughout the island with threats of more occurrences. These tremors have damaged buildings, closed roads, and have disrupted electricity across the island. Children are once again unable to attend school and families are sleeping on the streets because they are concerned about the structural integrity of their homes.

The New Haven Latino Council, a collective of community organizations and leaders serving the Latino community, issued a press release about its commitment to organize and raise money to provide various forms of support and relief. The effort is known as New Haven for Puerto Rico (#NH4PR). As a member of the New Haven Latino Council (and the global Latinx community), PLF is asking for your support to help the residents of Puerto Rico once again.

Puerto Rico's families need our help again, and #NH4PR is preparing to heed the call.

The #NH4PR effort is tri-fold: First, we'll strive to stabilize arriving families through housing assistance and social services; Second, funnel funds and resources to local relief efforts in Puerto Rico; and Third, advocacy work at the federal level for Puerto Rico.

The New Haven community alone has already welcomed 10 families impacted by the earthquakes and anticipate more will arrive in the coming days and weeks to Connecticut.

Please join #NH4PR and make a donation. No amount is too small! Every dollar of your contributions will support families in need.

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