Jane and Joe Drumgool Fund

Est. 2018 by Kathy Hermes in memory of her parents.

Joe and Jane Drumgool. Photo courtesy of Kathy Hermes.

Kathy Hermes was surprised to learn she inherited some money after the passing of her mother, Jane.

"It was totally amazing that [my parents] managed at the end of their lives to actually have some money because we never had any money growing up," Kathy recalls. The Drumgools worked hard to provide for their seven children; Jane, as a medical secretary and Joe, as a pharmacist.

Secure in her own finances and retirement, Kathy chose to use half of her inheritance to set up a donor advised fund at The Foundation in memory of her parents.

A donor advised fund seemed most appropriate because it gave her the flexibility to do something that "reflects their life but also helps the greater community." When Kathy is no longer willing or able to advise the fund, it will become a preference fund supporting basic needs.

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Jane and Joe Drumgool Fund