IRA Designation Sample Letter


Dear XXXX,

Thanks so much for requesting information about how to name the (Your Organization) as a beneficiary of your retirement plan. As you may know, there are often significant tax benefits to leaving all or part of your retirement plan to charity.

The first step you will need to take is to contact your plan administrator—either by phone or online—and request a change of beneficiary form; if you are not leaving your plan directly to your spouse, you also may be required to complete a spousal consent waiver form.

The corporate name of our organization is XXXXX and our IRS tax identification number is: XXXXX. You may be asked to include this information on the form(s).

Once you complete the necessary paperwork with your plan administrator, please notify us of your plans. If you wish your legacy gift to be used for a specific purpose, we would be happy to talk with you confidentially about your plans. Our goal is to be sure that your legacy for our organization is carried out exactly as you intend.

We look forward to inviting you to join our legacy society and to special events throughout the year. Again, we extend our gratitude to you for your long-term approach to your charitable giving. [Our organization] will be all the stronger.

With appreciation,