Immigration Integration Strategic Grant Announcement

Application deadline is June 8, 2015

The deadline to apply for this grant opportunity was June 8, 2015 and has passed. Please contact Christina Ciociola with questions.

The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven is pleased to announce a special grant opportunity for organizations working with immigrants and their families. We invite organizations that share The Community Foundation's goal to apply for this opportunity. The strategic goal is: Immigrants, including undocumented immigrants in Greater New Haven will achieve greater civic and economic participation and success thereby becoming more fully integrated members of a more welcoming community.

Organizations providing the following types of services or programs are welcome to apply: direct service, advocacy, collaborative efforts, capacity building, public education and leadership development.

The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven has a long history of supporting organizations working with immigrants and their families. The Community Foundation believes that immigrants are critical assets and is committed to the ongoing work of making Greater New Haven a welcoming community. Work that removes barriers to full social, economic, and civic participation of immigrants not only helps them reach their individual potentials, but also brings the benefits of economic growth and cultural diversity to the community as a whole. The Community Foundation has decided to increase and enhance its long-term investment in immigration integration work in New Haven by being more deliberate and strategic. As part of this strategy The Community Foundation has set aside special grant funds to be used for this purpose.

For questions contact: Christina Ciociola at or 203-777-7088.